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Our educational activities include:


Our Warsaw office houses the largest LGBT library in Poland. In it you can find books, magazines, reports, university theses, dvds, newspaper archives and more. Many items are in English, German, French or other languages.

Our catalogue can be found here:
You can lend items from the library by contacting the library group at or by calling: +48 22 423 64 38

If you’d like to donate books we would greatly appreciate it.

Our address:
Biblioteka KPH
Kampania Przeciw Homofobii
ul. Żelazna 68, 00-866 Warszawa, POLAND

Workshops and Trainings

We offer trainings for those in the non-governmental sector, journalists, teachers, the police and many more in issues regarding non-discrimination and LGBT issues.

Queer Studies

We run a semester-long academic program "Queer Studies". Professors, academics and activists from Poland give lectures during the weekend school in the KPH office. The third session is being planned.

My Rights

A special website has been set up to inform LGBT people of their legal rights in Poland.

Friendly Gynecologist

The "Friendly Gynecologist" project is meant to educate Polish lesbian and bisexual women about sexual health issues. In order to encourage them to visit the gynecologist regularly, a database of lesbian/bisexual friendly doctors and health centers was set up where women can find places to go where they feel safe and comfortable.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

This campaign is meant to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS preventions amongst men who have sex with men. Condoms and lubricant are distributed along with informational brochures at gay clubs in Warsaw.