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Campaign Against Homophobia is a nation-wide organization. Apart from the office in Warsaw we have eight branches along with a branch in New York City. Some branches have their own websites. Click below to find out more:

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Hundreds of new volunteers; numerous events happening all over Poland; nine new units and a few volunteer groups in smaller cities. In short, this is how we can sum up the year 2009, where KPH developed and focused on getting local communities of LGBT people active in the movement. All of these endeavors were made possible thanks to the financial support of the Stefan Batory Foundation.

In Lublin, January 2009, a meeting was organized to which Polish LGBT organizations were invited as well as the oldest gay-lesbian organization in the world – Dutch COC Arnhem, coming from the partner city of Lublin. In this way, KPH Lublin began its activity. Since February, members of the LGBT community in the Lublin area could participate in many thematic events, and the citizens of Lublin could take part in street happenings, like The Day of Silence.

The second city in which KPH began to function this year was Rzeszów. The members of their unit immediately became known as pioneers in their local LGBT community, organizing gay-lesbian themed functions.

In the following branch - KPH Olsztyn, during the month of May, a series of weekly film meetings began dealing with LGBTQ issues and additionally a festival entitled “Without Taboo” took place in October.

27 people attended the first meeting in Poznań in July, which later went on to form KPH Poznań and became known for giving Wojciech Cejrowski (TV personality known for his homophobia) “presents” from the Campaign (such as teletubby toys).

The next city was Zielona Góra, where the youth group decided to form a unit in their own city. Today they cooperate with a psychologist, who gives advice to LGBT people and also has a weekly help line.

Till now, Opole has been the city in which the gay rights movement has had the weakest representation. After publishing information on the first meeting in the city, many people showed interest in working towards equal rights for gay men and woman. At present, they have a discussion panel on the subject of acceptance and self-acceptance of homosexual people planned along with the projection of human rights themed films.

LGBT activism had been dormant in Łódź for a long time until the KPH branch had been re-activated in November. By December the Lódź branch organized a debate on domestic partnerships and co-organized the film festival “A million different loves?!”.

The last large city in which a KPH branch was created is Kielce. The group was initiated on December 1 during World AIDS Day. They handed out condoms and information pamphlets on the main street.

During the nationwide campaign promoting volunteerism for KPH and the creation of new branches in large cities, there was a massive wave of interest from people in smaller cities wishing to organize events in their local LGBT communities. A forum for these activists to work in are volunteer groups. In 2009 groups such as these formed in places like Włocławek and Jelenia Góra.

As you can see, 2009 was a busy year in which we managed to channel to energy of scores of people who are passionate about making a positive change in Poland!