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Past actions

Equal Right to Love.

The Equal Right to Love Festival is a social and cultural event organized annually to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. The main force behind it is the KPH Youth Group. The first festival took place in 2007 and continues till this day.

The Equal Right to Love Festival was the first event of its kind in Poland and it promoted tolerance on St. Valentine’s Day. It was a couple of days of quality entertainment in a selection of Warsaw’s clubs, galleries and cafés. The centerpiece of the festival was the ‘ribbon-party’ aimed at people willing to meet someone special in the spirit of Valentine love. Web portal for those wanting to learn about the world and who embrace diversity.

It also concerns you. React to discrimination! 2007

First they came for the communists. I didn’t protest because I wasn’t one. Then they came for the trade union members. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t one. After that they came for the Jews. I didn’t protest because I wasn’t one. When they came for me there was no one left to protest. (Reverend Martin Niemoeller).

Having the Reverend’s words in mind, we decided to launch a project called "It also concerns you. React to discrimination!" when things were happening in Poland that nobody would have believed before. The project was important in that it not only concentrated on fighting prejudices against sexual orientation, but also on combating discrimination based on gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity and religious views.

The first and the most important stage of the project was the creation of the MultiKulti portal - a portal about tolerance and diversity. Find out yourself at The portal has been operating since November 16, 2007 and is being constantly updated. That day, Gazeta Wyborcza published the "Life Game" board game, which promoted the portal.

The game is a brilliant educational aid recommended for teachers and parents. It can still be played online inside the portal. A free paper version can also be ordered at KPH: .

The second part of the project was the conference titled "To fix the world, i.e. how to teach diversity" to which teachers and educators from non-governmental organizations were invited.

The project was carried out within the European Equal Opportunities for Everyone Year and was financed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and the Department of Women, Family and Combating Discrimination.

Coordination: Marta Abramowicz

You are not alone. 2007.

The "You are not alone" campaign was the result of almost 9 months of consideration within KPH - Toruń. The idea for the campaign had been evolving and it had come a long way from a mass flier campaign (with the view of covering every household in Toruń), to a campaign in buses and trams (used daily by more than 140 thousand people in Toruń), to a poster campaign.

A week before Christmas, 500 characteristic, pink A2 posters were put in the busiest spots in Toruń. Half of them depicted a lesbian pensioner Agnieszka from Wrzosy, while the other half showed a gay student Arek from Bydgoskie Przedmieście, both places being districts of Toruń. Each poster had a caption which read: there are almost 8000 people like Agnieszka and Arek in Toruń. Even though the characters presented were fictional, the message was clear to everyone: anybody can be a homosexual, they are not a small group to be marginalized, but an integral part of society not given proper recognition.

Although the idea, and even the poster designs, for the "You are not alone" campaign originated in Toruń, it had also been carried out by KPH’s Tricity chapter even before the pink posters appeared in Toruń. The campaign was supposed to be launched in Bydgoszcz as well, however it never got off the ground due to an unexpected local ad posts operator’s objection. The matter had garnered media interest - it was mentioned in all major local newspapers and radio stations, as well as on local public television.

Get to know us! 2003/2004

I am gay. I am lesbian. Meet us! 2003/2004.

When Poles had seen what gays and lesbians look like in pictures, the time came to meet them. For this to happen we organized a second social campaign: "I am gay. I am lesbian. Meet us!" In the first part of the campaign, run at the 9 biggest Polish universities, we organized meetings during which students (and others) got to talk to gays and lesbians, as well as to human rights experts, psychologists and sexologists. Among other participants of the meetings was Senator Maria Szyszkowska, the author of the civil partnership bill. The campaign took place in Warsaw, Lublin, Białystok, Gdańsk, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, and Katowice. The response was massive and the venues were always full.

The second part of the campaign was launching a website with materials for parents, teachers and students. It was the first site in Polish at which the parents of gays and lesbians had a chance to find out about what it means that their children are homosexual.

In the section for teachers we presented materials which showed how to talk about homosexuality during classes.

"I am gay. I am lesbian. Meet us!" - idea and coordination: Robert Biedroń - idea and coordination: Marta Abramowicz

The project was realized with the financial contribution of the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Football Against Racism. Foosball Championship. Our way of promoting tolerance and openness since 2006.

Football against Racism.

For 3 years the Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) has been organizing the fall foosball Rainbow Cup. Thus we joined the International Football Against Racism Campaign Week in Europe (FARE).

Every year we invite the non-governmental organizations combating discrimination, minority groups organizations and everyone else interested in spreading tolerance.

The objective of the project is raising awareness and spreading knowledge of minorities living in Warsaw, as well as promoting tolerance among young people through facilitating contact with sexual, ethnic, and national minorities, and working for non-governmental organizations which they represent.

The next Rainbow Cup will be held in October 2009.

Queerfest 2

There are different ways of fighting homophobia. One of them is through fun and experiencing culture. Following the trends set in Cracow and Wrocław, KPH’s Toruń chapter, in cooperation with MSKN "Gender" and the Sister To Sister collective, organized its own festival of artistic variety called Queerfest.

The Tolerance March

The first "Culture for tolerance" festival took place between May 6 and May 9, 2004, under the patronage of Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, who was the Plenipotentiary of the Equal Status of Men and Women, and the Swedish Embassy. The main events of the festival were: a conference organized in cooperation with the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University, a visit to the National Museum in Auschwitz-Birkenau and paying respects to the homosexual victims of Nazism, the Tolerance March, as well as movie screenings and a rock concert. In addition to these numerous discussions, workshops and meetings were held with artists and social activists linked to the LGBT movement.

Approximately 1500 people took part in the first Tolerance March. Unfortunately a peaceful and legal manifestation was interrupted by a group of soccer hooligans and ultra-right and nationalistic organizations sympathizers.

The first "Culture for tolerance" festival and the Tolerance March have shown that there are many people in Cracow who hold the ideals of equality dear. Therefore, the organizers decided to continue them. Since 2006 the festival and the march have been organized by the designated Culture for Tolerance Foundation, coordinated and chaired by Samuel Nowak.

Culture for Tolerance Festival
The first edition created and coordinated by Tomasz Szypuła
The second edition coordinated by Ida Łukawska (chief), Tomek Szypuła (deputy)
The third edition of the festival and the march organized by the Culture for Tolerance Foundation (KPH’s Cracow chapter represented by Adam Rogalski was a co-organizer of the third edition)

The Tolerance March’s idea: Anna Gruszczyńska
Idea and coordination of the first conference: Marcin Śmietana