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14 Year Old Dominik Szymanski Driven to Suicide by Bullies

14 Year Old Dominik Szymanski Driven to Suicide by Bullies


14 years old Dominik Szymanski from Bieżuń, Poland, committed suicide in May 2015. His death was the result of persecution, psychological and physical violence, as well as lack of reaction from the surrounding area, including the school he went.

Before the act of suicide, Dominik wrote a farewell letter to his mother, apologised for the action he was about to take and also named the bullies. According to the letter, classmates were often using inflammatory language, calling him a ‘Faggot’ and throwing stones at him. Regular hatred from peers became unbearable and consequently, mother found his body hung on the shoelaces. Based on the research conducted by the Society of Anti-Discrimination Education (TEA) and Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH), people are often discriminated and driven to suicide due to the reason that their appearance do not comply with the stereotypical standards of masculinity, fitness level, interests, or allegedly they are dressed up like homosexuals.

Worth underlining, that none of the Ministers of Education has taken any action that could be described as systemic response to the phenomenon of violence motivated by prejudice, including sexism and homophobia at school. Therefore, on July 2 at 12:00, we meet at the main entrance of the Ministry of Education, to light candles for commemorating Dominik and remind politicians or decision-makers about the statutory obligation to ensure that all students are safe from violence in educational institutions. At the same time we would like 2nd of July to be established as the Day for the Eradication of Discrimination and Violence at School, which will be celebrated until the moment when violence and discrimination disappear from Polish schools and all students feel safe in pursuing their studies in educational institutions.

Organizers: Campaign Against Homophobia, Society of Anti-Aiscrimination Education