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KPH participated in Minsk Pride 2012

KPH participated in Minsk Pride 2012


Study visit, organized by the Belarusian partner organization GayBelarus, was a integral part of the “LGBT Rights and Democracy” project. The project is financed and supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland.

Representatives of KPH conducted a series of workshops and lectures which focused on the issues of data collection and international lobbying, mechanisms of international lobbying. Beyond that, KPH has carried out an interactive workshop which was devoted to the trans issues - a vital element of the LGBT society.

KPH’s representatives also had a chance to participate in the meetings with Belarusian activists, Belarusian NGOs and human rights projects as well as many other prominent activists of the Belarusian LGBT movement.

Despite the fact that all the events were organized in the discrete manner due to the interest of Belarusian secret services and local authorities, KPH has managed to carry out its mission of projecting the importance of LGBT rights in the democratic system.