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LGBT Rights and Democracy

LGBT Rights and Democracy


May, 31st marked a start for the mutual project of the Campaign Against Homophobia and Belarusian human rights NGO – Gay Belarus: LGBT Rights and Democracy.

Members of KPH’s partners came to Warsaw for the study visit organised within the framework of the ‘LGBT Rights and Democracy’ project financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

During the 5-days visit participants took part in a series of workshops and debates conducted by the experienced Polish LGBT activists. Moreover, the participants met with the representatives of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Lambda Warsaw, as well as high-level politics and LGBT advocates MPs Robert Biedroń, Anna Grodzka and the president of KPH – Agata Chaber. Also, Belarusians participated in the conference devoted to the topic of civic unions in the Polish Parliament and visited the office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment Agnieszka Kozłowska-Rajewicz for discussion of the current matters with the department’s employees. Visitors found the Equality Parade 2012 to be the apex of their visit to Poland, for the reason that such events are not possible to be organised in Belarus.

“It is ironic that one may suggest that Minsk GayPride took place in asylum. We have never been able to carry that many banners and flags on the streets of Minsk. We never felt as free in our country as we did in the Polish capital: no one touched us and no one neither grabbed nor trampled our flags. Also we could finally say what we wanted to say: it’s better to be gay, than a dictator.” – Sierhiej Androsenka, GayBelarus, president.

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